CORALVILLE, IOWA – March 6, 2015 – ASL Analytical, Inc. (“ASL”), a leading innovator in state-of-theart chemical bioprocess monitors, today introduced the RTBio™ 1000 CHO Bioprocess Monitor for the automatic, real-time measurement of key chemicals during CHO cell culture bioprocesses. Biopharmaceutical companies face the very challenging task of developing and manufacturing complex biologics medicines faster and at lower cost. Real-time and continuous measurement capability is crucial to ensure optimal production and control of these complex bioprocesses. By continuously measuring key chemical levels for glucose and lactate during the critical upstream stage, the RTBio™ 1000 delivers actionable information directly to the CHO biologics production operator in real time.

“Biopharmaceutical researchers and engineers need advanced chemical measurement tools to create consistent biologics at high yield,” said Chris Evans, CEO of ASL Analytical. “Currently used technologies have several limitations including delayed response and calibration instability,” noted Evans. “ASL is excited to offer this robust and easy to use tool that we envision will lead to more consistent products at higher yields and lower cost.” Evans added, “This is especially important for CHO, which is the leading expression system used for biologics production.”

The CHO Bioprocess Monitor is the centerpiece of ASL’s suite of monitoring and control solutions for the biopharmaceutical market, which includes the Pichia Bioprocess Monitor (for use with Pichia pastoris expression systems) currently on the market and the E. coli Monitor in development. With monitors for CHO, Pichia and E. coli, ASL will offer a complete suite of products that address the vast majority of biologics in production and in biopharma’s pipeline.

For further information, contact Chris Evans, CEO cell: 319-383-1501