Innovas Technologies has been selected by the University of Virginia to design and build heat exchanger tube cleaning systems for improving campus energy efficiency.

The University of Virginia chilled water facilities provide year-round chilled water services for air conditioning and process applications to more than 10 million square feet of building space, and the university takes great pride in providing reliable and efficient cooling to customers. The current systems consist of more than 40,000 tons of cooling in central plants that generate chilled water, underground piping to distribute the chilled water and cooling systems throughout the University that utilize the chilled water.

The tube cleaning systems, designed and fabricated in Coralville and Cedar Rapids,  significantly improve energy efficiency and cooling reliability of chilled water systems.  The systems will assist the University in meeting 2020 sustainability goals of reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Innovas is thrilled to work with the University of Virginia in achieving their energy efficiency goals.” says Chuck Dirks, president at Innovas.  “To have our technology applied as best practice at such an advanced institution is truly an honor.”

Innovas Technologies, based in Coralville, Iowa, designs and builds automatic condenser and chiller tube cleaning systems.  The systems prevent tube micro-fouling and scaling, and improve chiller energy efficiency and industrial cooling process performance. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Michael Crocker

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