Coralville-based Innovas Technologies has renewed its sole source supplier agreement with the University of Virginia (UVA), the company announced this week.  


The agreement, which lasts through 2020, also provides the opportunity for any Virginia state institution to purchase systems from Innovas through the preferable terms of the contract.  Other Virginia state institutions that have used the sole source agreement include William & Mary and George Mason University.


"This agreement is indicative to the quality and effectiveness our products offer to our growing list of customers." said Charles Dirks, president of Innovas Technologies, in a release.


UVA has employed Innovas' Helios Tube Cleaning Systems since 2014 and currently operate over 20 Helios systems in their daily HVAC operations.   The Helios has contributed to more efficient HVAC spending for UVA, company officials said, as well as significantly reducing UVA's workload associated with comfort cooling chiller maintenance. 


Innovas Technologies, founded in 2014, is a privately held design, manufacturing and service firm focused on eliminating shell and tube heat exchanger fouling.  The company provides automatic shell and tube cleaning systems to serve the spectrum of shell and tube heat exchangers, helping to eliminate the more than $80 billion annually wasted in US shell and tube heat exchangers due to fouling