Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), based at the University of Iowa Research Park in Coralville, yesterday announced the signing of a distribution agreement with the Swiss company LubioScience.

Through LubioScience, researchers in Switzerland will have increased access to IDT's reagents for genomics research, including custom oligonucleotides, which are DNA or RNA molecules often used for research, genetic testing and forensics.

Integrated DNA Technologies is one of the country's largest suppliers of custom nucleic acids used for medical, academic and pharmaceutical research and product development. According to IDT, the Coralville company's products have been available in Switzerland for more than a decade, but the partnership will increase the range of products available abroad.

"Switzerland has a thriving genomics community, so it was important for us to offer researchers there local access to our unrivaled manufacturing capabilities," IDT founder and CEO Joseph Walder said in a news release.