For a limited time, both the latest release of Santos® Lite and the new Santos® AFF (Arm’s Force Field) plug-in can be obtained for the equivalent of $80 per month.

The limited time price of $960 per annual license combines a basic set of Santos® state of the art human modeling and simulation technologies with the only existing means of accessing the most accurate and extensively validated method of predicting exposure to risk of injury for any activity involving manual arm strength available today.

For discounts on multiple license purchases, please contact

Go here to purchase or learn more about Santos® Lite and the Santos® AFF plug-in as well as any of SHI’s other products including: Pro; ETOWL®; PMP SDK; and PMV.

Attention Universities in the USA: Please note that access to all SHI’s products (including Santos® Lite and the Santos® AFF Plug-in) are provided to USA Universities for free for non-commercial use through the Santos® University Program. Universities outside the USA will be considered on a case by case basis. Contact the Santos® Institute at to participate in the Santos® University Program.

The Santos® Institute oversees all SHI activities involving development and dissemination of Santos® knowledge and expertise and includes: Support, Training, Mini-Courses, and the Santos® University Program. Go here to learn more about the Santos® Institute and its programs.

SHI’s success is tied directly to our clients’ success and bundling Santos® Lite with the Santos® AFF PlugIn represents yet another way in which we strive to match state of the art, human-centric, virtual product design and analysis methods, technologies, and resources with client requirements.