Stanley Consultants representatives were on hand in St. Catherine, Jamaica, on March 23 to celebrate the grand opening of the North-South Highway. This 41-mile section completes the link between the capital city of Kingston in the south with the tourist city of Ocho Rios in the north.  A drive that formerly took two hours on a substandard road can now be completed in less than 60 minutes on a new four-lane highway built to international standards.  

Stanley Consultants, a global consulting engineering company headquartered in Muscatine, assisted the government of Jamaica with the project through the state-owned National Road Operating and Construction Company (NROCC), by providing technical guidance for design and construction of the highway. Stanley Consultants served as a grantor's representative (technical adviser) to NROCC, providing design and program review, performing routine construction observations and liaising with government and private sector entities affected by the project.

"The North-South Highway will make it easier for residents on the south coast to enjoy the amenities on the north coast without a time-consuming and dangerous drive," Stanley Consultants Team Leader Bob Jacobs stated in a press release. "It will also enable tourists from the north coast to visit attractions on the south coast, hopefully increasing tourist revenue."

The firm also provided design and construction services for the 168-mile-long North Coast Highway, which Jamaicans refer to as a "national treasure." Completed in 2009, the North Coast Highway connects Montego Bay to Negril on the island's west end, and to Port Antonio on the east end of the island. It is Jamaica's only modern arterial highway connecting major cities on the country's east and west coasts.