Coralville-based SynderBio was awarded the top company award at this year's Partnering For Growth Biotech Innovation Showcase held in Ankeny on Tuesday.

"Our expert panel felt SynderBio made the most compelling case for best company," Iowa Biotechnology Association (IowaBio) Executive Director Joe Hrdlicka said in a release. "We had 12 companies from around the country. SynderBio's work exemplifies a leadership position in bioscience."


SynderBio is a lab automation and cancer diagnostics company that offers novel techniques aiming to expedite and enhance cellular analyses through label-free, targeted capture of cells from biopsy tissue in both research and clinical settings.

The company was awarded $5,000 in a presentation following the event, which serves as a forum for biotech leaders in Iowa and beyond to present their innovations to potential investors. 


"The showcase has been an outstanding experience for SynderBio and we're humbled and surprised by the top honors selection from an exceptional group of exciting up-and-coming companies," said Dr. Sarah Vigmostad, SynderBio's co-founder in a statement. "We were here presenting with some tremendously innovative companies and it inspires us to keep innovating."