The BioVentures Center

The BioVentures Center is where the Business Incubator’s executive offices are located.

The BioVentures Center also contains:

  • wet laboratory modules
  • office/dry laboratory modules for life science companies.
  • a multi-purpose room for staff meetings and projects

Corporate tenants located here also have access to shared space including a multi-purpose room, board room, shared equipment room, break room and conference rooms, and access to an array of amenities and services.

Wet Lab Options

  • Shared Laboratory: 200 sf + custom fit-out (if applicable)
  • Web Laboratory: 700 sf + hood + custom fit-out (if applicable)

Office Options

  • 150-1500 sf + custom fit-out

Shared Equipment Room includes:

  • (2) -80 Freezers
  • Darkroom with film processor
  • (2) Autoclaves
  • RO/DI water system
  • Laboratory glassware washer/dryer
  • Ice machine
  • Class III Type A Biological Safety Cabinet, Vertical Laminar Flow Bench Model w/ UV Light
  • Thermo Scientific Incubator
  • Thermo Scientific Centrifuge