Covering nearly 500 acres, the University of Iowa Research Park offers leased building sites of varying size and prominence to meet individual requirements and tastes. A system of trails, ponds and wooded green spaces, including one certified wildlife habitat, contribute to a beautiful park-like setting that creates a distinctive location for professional and research-based businesses and a welcoming work environment for their employees.

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Park Amenities

  • Contemporary landscaping, lighting and streets
  • Nearby videoconference facilities
  • Access to main UI campus and computing facilities
  • Paved bicycle/hiking trails throughout park
  • Nearby dining, hotels, conference facilities, shopping, recreation and fitness
  • High speed internet
  • Basic dial tone

Iowa City/Coralville Area

Home to The University of Iowa , the Iowa City/Coralville area has become the epitome of progress, technological advancement and development while enhancing its character of supreme livability. The area’s eclectic charm, its pastoral surroundings and reputation as a mecca for the arts and culture, have made our communities a destination for those seeking creative exploration and expression. Our high quality of life is reflected in our jobs, our schools, our steady population growth, our friendly neighborhoods and a reasonable cost of living.   

      –from "Working Numbers," Iowa City Area Development Group


Why Iowa?

Check out the Iowa City Area Development Group's list of reasons why Iowa is a great place to work and live.